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Artificial Larynx Devices

Servox Digital & 2 Batteries
The SERVOX Digital offers the possibility of programming both buttons with different volume and frequency settings. This makes it possible to pre-set the device for use in certain situations. Crisp and clear sound that resembles a man, woman, or child. Pitch and volume can be easily adjusted by the user, or professionally adjusted by a technician. Optical Battery Indicator. Processor-Controlled Charger. Comfortable and user friendly. Each button can have separate volume and pitch settings -- even a whisper mode! Functional and stylish holster with spare battery pocket. Kit comes complete with Servox Digital device, Battery Charger, Two Batteries, instruction manual in English, French, Italian, and Spanish languages, and Holster.
Price: 110 Volt $749.95 OR 220 Volt $849.95

Servox Inton and 2 Batteries
The SERVOX Inton is back! This great device is the forerunner of the Digital and due to popular demand was re-introduced by SERVOX just recently. Durable and unobtrusive, this device will give you years of great service. The Inton comes with a charger, two re-chargeable batteries and a holster.
Price: 110 Volt $749.95 OR 220 Volt $849.95

TruTone Artificial Larynx
The Trutone fits in the palm of your hand. It has been designed for durability; in fact it is housed in the same material used in bullet proof glass. The TruTone has great volume range too, so you can be heard in a crowded room. Using new technology and a pressure sensitive button, this machine lets you fluctuate the pitch of your voice for more natural intonation. It operates on readily available 9-volt batteries. The complete kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, a charger, an intraoral adaptor with tubes, and instruction manual in both English and Espanol. 2 year factory warranty. Call for a phone demo.
Price: 110 Volt $619.95 OR 220 Volt $719.95

SolaTone Artificial Larynx
The SolaTone is a compact model that excels in durability. It operates on 9-volt batteries. Superb sound production with adjustable volume and pitch. Perfect as a backup device! The solatone comes with a 9 volt alkaline battery, and instruction manual in both English and Espanol. 1 year factory warranty. Call for a phone demo! Excellent value!
Price: $449.95

ToneAire II Pneumatic
The result of an extensive research project in alaryngeal voice production. The ToneAire II is a vast improvement over the original device. This device is an air-driven artificial larynx that uses the tracheostomal air to generate voice. Some say that the ToneAire II is a cross between a musical instrument and a speech device. Great for emergencies, a change of pace, or just for fun. When held to the stoma, the user simply expels air through the tube and into the mouth. Words can then be easily formulated into sentences. ToneAire speech is clear and natural without mechanical buzzing! Speech with the ToneAire II offers intonation and artificial voice second to none. No need for batteries or expensive electronic equipment. The ToneAire II is inexpensive and excellent as a backup. You can keep a spare in your dresser or glove box just in case. Take it camping or hunting and don't worry about dropping it into the water or down the stairs. Nearly indestructible. Made of space-age materials.
Price: $89.95

Servox Computer Interface
Servox Computer Interface Patch Hardware. Includes Patch Hardware and Software, Cut-Out Titanium Sleeve. Everything you need to computer tune your Servox digital.
Price: $179.00

Romet Charger Relpacement
Only available in 220 volt.
Price: $129.95

Dual 9-Volt Battery Charger
Charger For TruTone, SolaTone, NuVois and Classic PowerVox.
Price: $29.95

Servox Dual Charging Cradle
Charges the battery inside the Servox device and also an extra battery. Available in 110 or 220 volt.
Price: $229.95

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